Friday, September 4, 2009


Shoes are always an issue. The goal is to find the best deal for the best shoe possible. When I lived in New York it was a little easier - there were shoes stores all over the place and I could go a day or so before a show to pick up any shoes I needed. It’s harder now; one, because I’m two hours away from the city and two, because a lot of those stores I shopped at are no longer in business. I did my best yesterday, but I really couldn’t find anything I liked for the right price. We’re down to the wire so I’m heading to an upstate mall this afternoon to see what I can find. It would be great if I could hire a stylist to do this for me, but it’s not in the budget. Plus I’m not doing a shoe show; I don’t need “statement” shoes, I just need beautiful, simple shoes.

I was able to find jewelry that works with my theme - actually, a ton of it - so that won’t be an issue. I was also able to pick up the final buttons that I’ll need. On a side note, I also found a button vendor that does wholesale - and I love his assortment. That’s one more step to getting this stuff to the stores.

I made a quick stop at The Metropolitan Pavilion. It was just a last minute check on the space and a couple of details about bringing the clothing into the space. I met with a very helpful, very nice women who gave me some great suggestions about the show setup. Boy, it’s a thrill to see the space - that’s when I feel that all of this is real.

Today has been crazy. We’re working on the layout for the Coterie. There are a ton of details that need to be gone over and answered today. Yep, it’s crazy time!

I’ll have more to report later.

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  1. I am so glad that Tom posted your blog link on Facebook. It is great to think about you and I promise to send "good vibes" your way. I am really proud of you, Robert. You inspire me!

    I have read every word of this new blog and I put a link on our blog so I will be checking in to see the progress. Wish I could be part of it!