Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ups & Downs

What a rollercoaster! We had a fantastic fitting today. The clothes are coming together, and we now have almost enough finished for a fashion show of a decent size. In my experience, a show needs at least twenty outfits to make sense. I may have twenty-six or, if I’m lucky, twenty-eight. So the fitting was great, and I’ll only get to work with the model one more time before the show. That’s one big drawback of not working in New York City. My fit model comes from the city but we have to plan well in advance to get her up here. Anyway, on Saturday, I’ll focus on last minute fittingsand a few corrections. And, I’ll have her try on all the outfits that will be in the show just to make sure there are no surprises. Plus that’s the time when we add accessories. Ordinarily, I would try to keep accessories to a minimum, but my theme or inspiration calls for more. (By the way, I’ll talk more about the inspiration as we get closer)...
Fitting With the Model

Requests for seats at the show are coming in nicely. The press has been a little slower than I would have liked but we are getting them. I did have one major disappointment - won’t be at the show. However, we did get a positive response from WWD - and I’m thrilled about that.

Checking a hemline

One thing I did realize today - I was working on a dress and I said to the pattern maker “when we go into production”. That was new. Until now, I was focused on the show primarily. Although I am scoping out factories (and I think we’re finding the best of the best) I wouldn’t let myself think about the selling of the clothes. I know that sounds strange, but now I think I’m ready. I think I’ve done some really pretty things and I want them out there in the stores! So there you have it.

More, later!

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